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Employing traditional horsemanship and modern science, premiership-winning horse trainer James Curtain is an honest and forthright horseman who gets each horse to reach its potential on the track.

If you’re hoping to buy a racehorse, join a racing syndicate, or place your existing horse with an astute and caring trainer, James will answer your questions and give you the information you need.

James Curtain Racing Queensland

James has published a free E-Book on preventing shin soreness in young racehorses. Find out how trainers put the science into practice to avoid costly disruptions to training and racing due to bucked shins –

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Client Testimonial

We now have many happy, long-term clients who have seen the difference in the presentation and performance of their
horses during their time with Curtain Racing.

“An excellent horseman….very modern communication…”

Leo Tsatsaronis

G1 Goldmine

Many racing owners experience the pain of paying high prices for yearlings, paying high training fees, being provided with limited information in relation to their horse’s progress, and feeling uncertain that their horse is being given every chance to reach its potential. Curtain Racing is fortunate to have owners whose loyalty has been built through clear and frequent communication, their horses worked long miles and fed accordingly, with the nutrition needs of each individual comprehensively met. The horses spend most of their time in large day yards at the tranquil base of Old Boyneside in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains in South East Queensland.

Curtain Racing is a family business. Values of transparency and honesty mean that owners are treated with the utmost respect. Based in a rural setting, training fees are able to be maintained at a significantly lower rate than those of trainers in larger centres, due to reduced costs in relation to feed, stabling and track fees. Owners experience an authentic and trusting relationship with the trainer, based on high quality communication.

The incorporation of modern science in daily weighing, heart rate monitoring, interval training and frequent blood profiling ensures a highly effective approach to training. Links with the best veterinarians in the industry at Randwick Equine Centre as well as high class farriers, dentists and chiropractors, means that owners can be assured that their horses are in safe hands. A commitment to continual learning and development results in horses in the care of Curtain Racing undergoing training regimes reflecting the latest evidence-based approaches.

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